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Why DOG GUARD® of Kentucky

We started installing underground hidden fences in Kentucky in 1996. As a professional distributor for the nation’s leading pet containment company in the late 90’s, we have installed thousands of systems in Kentucky. We have learned that the key to providing a successful underground fence system is the dogs’ training. A disciplined and well-trained dog is a happy dog, and our passion is training! We are there with you every step of the way during the training to ensure the success of the system, as well as making the process more humane for the pet and more enjoyable for the owner.

We have been business owners in the central Kentucky area for over 20 years, and our focus has always been on customer service. We realize that nothing is more frustrating than buying a product and then not being able to reach anyone for service after the initial purchase. We guarantee you will receive the best customer service of any company in the area! We care about our customers and their pets! As dog owners ourselves, we understand that pets are family members, and your pet deserves the best products and training available!

We are a different kind of hidden pet fencing company, and in the case of the pet containment in Central Kentucky, different is definitely better! We are the only company in Central Kentucky that proudly installs Dog Guard underground fencing, but not only that - we can also locate and repair ANY underground fence from ANY system for a fraction of the cost! This is of tremendous value because every dog, owner, and property have different goals and requirements.

If you care about value, NO ONE can beat us on price! If you don't believe us, let us give you a quote and you can compare. We are also the only company in the Central Kentucky area that GUARANTEES CONTAINMENT!

We also believe that our training is the best in the industry. In our experience over the years in training dogs and installing hidden dog fencing systems the training will make or break any system, and no one trains better than us after 20 years of doing it! We use a unique three step training method to ensure the dog's success with every Dog Guard system we install. Every customer is fully trained to this method, and we are there with you every step of the way to make sure the training is going as planned! Additionally, if customers don’t have the time or desire to train, we offer our customers the options of allowing us to do the training for them. We even include training your pet to the underground fence in our price!

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